Day 439: Old Plough

Day 439: Old Plough


Once again I apologise for falling behind with uploading these but real life can be a bit distracting at times. As usual though, I have kept up with the actual sketching and will get them uploaded at some point so that’s the main thing. For now though, i have this sketch of an old plough in a field up the road from me. Photoed it the other day while taking my son out for a walk and decided it would make a nice quick sketch. Really like how it came out too, especially the background as they usually look disjointed in my sketches.The speed was also a good factor in it as it really didn’t take that long to do. Anyway, as I said I’ve got two more sketches to upload so will try and get round to them (and tomorrow’s) tomorrow but I’m not promising anything so I hope you enjoy the plough for now.

Till then!


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