Day 434: Mankar College of Magic

Day 434: Mankar College of Magic


So, because you can’t have a truly fantasy medieval setting without some sort of magic, here’s Mankar’s college (decided to call the place where the last couple of sketches are from, Mankar). Not really entirely sure what I was going for with it as it just kept growing and I kept on adding bits to it as I went along ending up with this.(I don’t even think it was meant to be anything to do with magic to start with but nevermind it’s where we ended up.

Tried to keep some of the roofing style from yesterday to help give the place a common element and the place is timbered like the other building’s in town (god forbid a pyromancer screws a spell up). Probably went a bit heavy with the line in places and the perspective is a bit whack but there we go, it’s all a learning process and I like the outcome.

No idea where I’ll be tomorrow with the dailysketch. Could pretty much be a sketch of anything the way this is going so we’ll have to see.

Till then!



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