Day 427: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial A

Day 427: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial A


So, this was my first attempt at some ideas from my head with this blog.Now I’m a rather big Sci-fi nerd and really like big grand spaceships and space battles, and despite what my previous year and a bit of sketching would probably have you all believe, I would love to be able to easily sketch spacecraft and Sci-fi stuff however, I have always lacked the drive and any sort of train of  thought to do so.

So, in a random way to try and give me the base of each ship I’ve decided to do each ship based on the letters of the alphabet, with the capital ships being capital letters (and if I get that far, the lower case being fighters and transports and such. Now I’ve no idea if this thing above (which is the letter A on its side) really works or not but I think I might try at least a couple more to see if they improve a bit.

Now apologise if you really don’t have nay interest in this kind of thing and I’d love all of your feedback on it as I know it really is a big departure from the stuff that you probably followed me for but don’t worry I will definitely being going back to other usual stuff from time to time if I do decide to continue with this  line of thought.

Till then!


4 thoughts on “Day 427: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial A

      1. Mr James I want to say you are extremely talented & extraordinary person.. & I am saying this because I myself was the Sketcher(not good in portraits but still good enough). Then I left it because nobody was noticing my talent. Few days ago I went through many of your blogs & I observed that you are relentlessly & tirelessly posting your sketches no matter somebody is liking & commenting or not. Your sketches were way awesome & by your words I can say you want to show your talent & passion to others in the hope that one day people will notice it. I am really impressed by your works & I become fan of your art. Your art is artistic & scientific & carries so dense facial emotions. I wish I can be half good as you are. Now you can say you have a huge fan from India whose name is Shivam. I wish you all the very best in your life & keep on posting your amazing art. Thank you


      2. Thanks. I’ve never really worried about being noticed all that much as I’m drawing as a hobby. I just have a bit of a addictive personality so this has become a bit of a habit that I do even if no ones interested. That said I’m really happy I have a fan and that you took the time to write out the comment and are continuing to get involved with the sketches.

        Thanks again!

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