Day 422: Radagast the Brown

Day 422: Radagast the Brown


Reference image: LOTR wikia link!

So, today I decided to sketch out my favourite wizard probably in all fantasy (though I do quite like Rincewind and Snape)  in the form of Radagast the Brown. Completely eccentric and odd but deceptively powerful he’s one of the members of the White Council. Quite a fun and quick sketch, given how much ink is on the page and I’m liking the fact that my likenesses are getting better. I’m also really enjoying the White Council sketches so will probably see you tomorrow with another one of them

Till then!


3 thoughts on “Day 422: Radagast the Brown

  1. At first I thought this is Leonardo Da vinci…..your sketch is awesome & i can see in your whole art…facial emotions are main focus point in every sketch & you are superb in that


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