Day 420: Saruman

Day 420: Saruman


Reference image: link clicky

So, yesterday we had his right hand Uruk so today, I thought it would be fitting to sketch Saruman himself. Not really too sure when this LOTR streak will actually end but nevermind I’m enjoying it for the time being. Anyway, I choose the evil wizard and Sauron’s right-hand man because he was the first of the wizards that I thought of and googled. I plan on sketching the other members of the white council (especially looking forward to sketching Radagast) but I’ve no idea  when I’m going to get this done, I just want to at the moment.

As for this sketch, again I really enjoyed it and like the outcome. I definitely can see a more accurate representation of Saruman and the actor, Christopher Lee in this one than I could of Lurtz in yesterday’s and they both took roughly the same amount of time so that’s a nice bonus.

I do feel in these blog posts that I am saying a lot of stuff over and over again each day so I might try and see if I can cut down the amount of text in each of the posts as I’m sure your not all reading it anyway (of course, if there are folks out there that like reading these bits, feel free to let me know and I’ll continue with them as I don’t mind them, they just seem to be getting a bit repetitive).

Anyway, that’s another day done so I’ll stop yacking away and leave you all with Saruman and see you all tomorrow.

Till then!


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