Day 419: Treebeard

Day 419: Treebeard


Source: link clicky!

Another day another LOTR sketch this time int he form of the great Ent, Treebeard. Such an interesting and complicated character (despite how slow he is to do anything). I love how gentle and caring he is with the Hobbits then, several days later he completely destroys Isengard (I would spoiler alert, but if you haven’t read or seen the book/film then you probably aren’t going to so nevermind).

As for the sketch again i used the larger nibbed pen (or rather, ball, as I’ve switched from a fibre nib to a rollerball) and I still am preferring it at the moment over the smaller nib. The sketch itself was pretty difficult as the source image was so dark and the definition was a bit hard to see but I think I managed to do an alright job with it. At least you can see a face in it which is the main thing as I was worried throughout the sketch that the face wouldn’t actually be viewable as a face. All told the sketch only took about 30 minutes again so a lot faster than usual (though getting even faster would be nicer).

Anyway, i should probably stop this wall of text for today and leave you all in peace. Hope you enjoy this sketch of Treebeard and I’ll hopefully see you all tomorrow!

Till then!


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