Day 418: Scheming Smeagol

Day 418: Scheming Smeagol


Reference Source: link clicky!

So, as I said I would probably do yesterday I’ve done another sketch of Smeagol today, this time showing his evil side (or at least trying too). Loved this image of Smeagol as it shows him looking mischevious but in a rather homicidal way. I also decided that I would just go for it, time wise with this one and grabbed a bigger nibbed pen and just sketched while listening to the LOTR soundtrack. This seemed to work a lot better than the smaller nib as this sketch only took 25 minutes rather than the usual hour, a big change and one that I hope I’ll be able to continue with.

As for the actual sketch, I really like it. The looseness coupled with the bigger nib allowed me to get to the blacks a lot easier  which helped with the contrast and it was just quicker and easier shading with the larger nib, definitely something I should keep in mind for the future.

SO that’s Smeagols evil side which I hope you all like as much as I do. I’m really enjoying the LOTR sketches at the moment so might try another one tomorrow, especially the beasts of the world. Not entirely sure though so will have to see.

Till then!


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