Day 417: Gollum

Day 417: Gollum


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So, today we have another LOTR sketch, this time of the rather likeable but violently unhinged Gollum, his crazy and changeable character was definitely one of the most interesting ones and one that I found really funny at times and as such I decided to try and sketch him. HIs weirdly shaped features also helped to make him seem like an interesting subject.

Quite like how it came out too, what with it being a quick sketch and all. The face is a little bit off but I think that it stills hows the look that Gollum has. I think I might try and do an evil Gollum sketch tomorrow actually as I enjoyed sketching him.

The style used was also a lot messier than I have been using lately with cross hatching being used rather than just hatching but this allowed me to get the sketch done quicker so might be the way forward in attempting to make these sketches more practical to keep doing.

Anyway, that was today’s sketch done. As said above I think I might try an evil Gollum tomorrow but were also going into town so might end up with something from there.

Till then


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