Day 415: Lord Vetinari (Jeremy Irons)

Day 415: Lord Vetinari (Jeremy Irons) 


Source: link clicky!

So, another Discworld sketch for yesterday in the form of quite possibly the most dangerous city mayor ever, Lord Vetinari portrayed in the movie by Jeremy Irons.One of my favourite characters in the entire Discworld series as I love the extremely calculating manner in which he does everything.

I also really like how the sketch turned out especially the area around his eyes which I think got the piercing look that he has. The white gel pen also helped give his dark collar and clothing a nice shine (basically, in case you can’t tell, I really like using this new gel pen that actually works). I just like the sketch in general.

SO, that was yesterday’s done and surprisingly enough, I’m actually going to catch up with uploading these sketches as I have today’s waiting to go, so, without further ado, let’s get on with it!

Till then!


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