Day 414: Rincewind (David Jason)

Day 414: Rincewind (David Jason)


Source: link clicky!

So for yesterday, because I seem to be a bit theme driven at the moment we have another Terry Pratchett based sketch today in the form of Rincewind, probably one of the most incompetent wizards on the Discworld from the movie The Colour Of magic and portrayed by David Jason.

Quite a weird drawing in that I didn’t think it was going to look anything like David Jason until the last moment where I realised that it did look like David Jason. I’m also really happy with this one as a whole and think it came out better than the Terry Pratchett one from yesterday. I also tried to be a lot more loose with this one in terms of the pen strokes with hatch lines going in various directions throughout.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish today’s sketch in time to take a daylight photo of it so will have to upload that one tomorrow but I hope you like this portrait in the mean time!

Till then!


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