Day 413: Sir Terry Pratchett

Day 413: Sir Terry Pratchett


Source: Google image that I’ve managed to lose the tab for again sorry.

Decided to go for something a bit different yesterday and take a break from trains and go for a potraitI. Choose Sir Terry Pratchett because I love his books and was recently looking through the Compleat Guide to Ankh-Morpork which has some gorgeous illustrations in it and it reminded me of him.

Enjoyed the portrait sketching as well. It was a lot quicker than the trains (though getting the hatching to go as dark as the black was a bit time consuming). But still, I enjoyed it and found the portrait a lot easier than the portraits that I used to do (just ignore the mouth as it didn’t turn out brilliantly). A white gel pen that actually works is actually really useful as well as can be seen in the hat.

Anyway, I’ve got to head off to work so I’ll try and upload today’s later on when I get back tonight, though it may not be until tomorrow.

Till then!


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