Day 411: Wires Everywhere!

Day 411: Wires Everywhere!


Source: Wikipedia link

Surprisingly enough we have another train today, this time, an electric one (apparently an ER2-1223 in Volokolamsk to be precise) with all its necessary bits and pieces, mostly known as Catenaries (I think) going everywhere .

Quite an interesting piece when compared to the other trains and a lot more complex what with all the wires going everywhere (which I’m pretty sure I’ve screwed up in several places but its all good). Again I’m happy with the results though this one does look a bit more washed out than the other have done but nevermind, it’s still easy to make out the different parts. I think the perspective int his was probably the most accurate that I’d captured when it came to the reference photo which was nice though I think I made the front grill a bit too prominent.

Anyway, that’s this one up. I think I have enough time to squeeze in one more train post before I go up to bed so let’s get on with it!

Till then!



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