Day 410: Diesel over the bridge

Day 410: Diesel over the bridge


Source: Unfourtnately I lost the tab that I had open with the link to this image and can’t it again though I know it was from Pinterest.

So, continuing the late posting and the train theme (and apparently a bridge obsession), we have another train on a bridge for you all. This time though its Diesel rather than the last couple which have been steam (not that that makes a hell of a difference as it’s still a train) and I’m assuming its soemwhere in America though I’m not too sure.

Again I’ve used the showl hatching effect (with some stippling) to create the sketch and again I’m happy with the results. There is the one issue with this way in that it’s not all that time effective and it’s hard to push values but I’m hoping that as I get more expereinec in using the style, I can get faster at it. I was particulary quite happy with the water and the bridge in this one though.

Right only another three to go until we get caught up so let’s see if I can get another one uploaded tonight at least.

Till then!


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