Day 409: Craven’s DMU

Day 409: Craven’s DMU


Source: Pinterest clicky!

So, we have yet another train sketch here as I seem to be on a bit of a train splurge at the moment with these sketches, this time though, it’s a Diesel train rather than a steam one specifically a Craven’s DMU waiting at a station.

Again another sketch that I’m pretty happy with and although not perfect I think that I’m definitely getting better with perspective. Again I used just hatching for the sketch with stippling for certain areas, like the grass beside the stopped train. Funnily enough though, the bit that I like the most in the whole sketch is the white shed to the side, I just really like the rendering (or lack of) on it.

So, that’s a couple of the sketches that I’m behind on caught up. As I said I’ll try and get some daylight photo’s of today’s and yesterdays sketches tomorrow and then hopefully, get all three of them uploaded but we’ll have to see.

Till then!


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