Day 408: Steam by night

Day 408: Steam by night


Source: Pinterest clicky!

Firstly I’m sorry again for not having kept up with the uploading of my daily sketches but once again life comes first. As usual, though, I have kept up with the sketches so I have a couple to upload tonight for you all.

Firstly is this image of a steam train at night. Really liked the way the image looked and thought it would be interesting to try a night time sketch again. Really glad I did as well as it turned out to be one of my favourites that I’ve done. Adopted a purely hatched approach to this one rather than the cross hatching or solid blocking that I have been using lately which I think gives it quite a nice look and slightly like the scratchboard stuff that I’ve been looking at lately.

I did also incorporate stippling into the image for the area of light around the trains headlight which worked better than I thought it would though the hatching to solid black does take quite a while to achieve. I think my favourite part of the drawing is the smoke though as I really do like how that came out and didn’t expect it to be that successful at all.

So yer, I really like the outcome of this one and I hope you will too. Anyway, I’ve got one more image to upload (I’ve got yesterday’s and today’s drawn but I want to take the photo’s when I have good light) so let’s get on with it.

Till then!


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