Day 438: Tarn Crossing Bridge

Day 438: Tarn Crossing Bridge


So decided to actually post a sketch of the actual bridge over the river Tarn that actually gives the settlement. Decided that the bridge itself should be older than the surrounding buildings and therefore made out of stone rather than wood like the other buildings. The idea is that this marks the entrance to the town with the tower on the countryside and the arch on the town side.

Again I liked the sketch (though no as much as yesterday’s) and it quite nice to give the town its namesake. Right, now I’m falling asleep so I’ll upload today’s tommorrow.

Till then!


Day 437: Tarn Crossing Iron Mine

Day 437: Tarn Crossing Iron Mine


So, once again I apologise fro not getting anything uploaded in the last few days. I have though been keeping up with the sketches and have done a couple more Tarn Crossing sketches and a random still life one  so we’ll start off with this one of a Iron mine built into the side of the cliff  around an old abandoned dwarven mine (the stone structure at the bottom.) Quite a fun little sketch, as well as it, allowed me to really break free with a very vertical sketch  as well as trying to get the complicated stairs and layered bits into it which was confusing but still I really like the sketch.

Moving onto the next one….

Till then!

Daty 436: Tarn Crossing Watch Tower and Barracks

Daty 436: Tarn Crossing Watch Tower and Barracks


Another concept sketch today of a watchtower and barracks from the Tarn Crossing settlement. This time I’ve gone a little bit different with the use of stone in the bottom of the building that’s I envisage from being reused from a previous ruin (seeing as I was trying to make everything predominantly wood based).

Quite enjoying these sketches and liking the practice in perspective that they’re providing me and there quite quick to push out which is good. There will probably be some more of these coming out in the future as I much prefer this to the Alphabet Spaceships and I think they look a lot better as an outcome.

Till then!

Day 435: Tarn Crossing Coaching Inn

Day 435: Tarn Crossing Coaching Inn


So, another medieval sketch today this time a sort of concept art style piece of what I envisage as a coaching Inn or tavern of the sorts. Definitely my favorite piece of the three that I’ve done so far in regards to the medieval theme. In fact, this is probably one of my favorite sketches full stop as I really like the perspective and the design as well as the shadows that I’ve added.

Really looking forward to doing more concepts of different buildings in this style as I like concept illustrations so I hope you lot like it too as you might see some more of these.

Oh and I should probably look into doing more of them Alphabet Spaceships at some point as well but I don’t really have the motivation for it at the moment. So anyway, hope you like this Inn and I’ll probably be back with something similar tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 434: Mankar College of Magic

Day 434: Mankar College of Magic


So, because you can’t have a truly fantasy medieval setting without some sort of magic, here’s Mankar’s college (decided to call the place where the last couple of sketches are from, Mankar). Not really entirely sure what I was going for with it as it just kept growing and I kept on adding bits to it as I went along ending up with this.(I don’t even think it was meant to be anything to do with magic to start with but nevermind it’s where we ended up.

Tried to keep some of the roofing style from yesterday to help give the place a common element and the place is timbered like the other building’s in town (god forbid a pyromancer screws a spell up). Probably went a bit heavy with the line in places and the perspective is a bit whack but there we go, it’s all a learning process and I like the outcome.

No idea where I’ll be tomorrow with the dailysketch. Could pretty much be a sketch of anything the way this is going so we’ll have to see.

Till then!


Day 433: Medieval town sketch

Day 433: Medieval town sketch


So, despite saying that I wanted to work on more of the sci-fi stuff I sat down and decided instead to sketch out a fantasy style town. I literally have no idea why I decided to do this rather than the sci-fi stuff either but it was great fun and difficult working with a perspective that wasn’t visible in an image that you were copying from (if that makes any sense at all).

I don’t think it came out too badly though I think i may need to work on scaling things down as they get further away a bit more and have a more defined light source for the shadows but other than that i like the sketch, so much so that I decided to do another fantasy sketch for today so let’s move onto that one.

Till then!


Day 432: Alphabet Spaceships Project: Capital E

Day 432: Alphabet Spaceships Project: Capital E


Done another one of the spaceships today and probably my favourite so far. This is one of the several human races that I envisage as inhabiting the universe these things are from, these humans being the ones that currently rule Earth and are collectively known as Union.

This ship is meant as a sort of sniping destroyer with the huge gun being its main armament and is capable of tearing other capitals apart in several shots. Other than this there’s not really a lot to say about the ship, design wise though I think I prefer the background of the race logo rather than what I have been so that will probably stay.

This one seems to have increased my drive to do at least a couple more of these so I’ll probably have another one tomorrow so I hope you all pop back for that (unless of course you really don’t like these ships in which case here’s a link to my DeviantArt page where I have some WW2 sketches I’ve also been doing  WW2 001WW2 002).

Till then!

Day 431: Under Construction

Day 431: Under Construction


Just decided to do a simple sketch today of the nearby housing development opposite the newish Tesco’s. Not exactly an overly detailed sketch but I think it came out quite nicely and was quite fun to do and I’m quite liking how the shadows came out . I’ve also gone back to using biro in areas and for the initial sketch as I like it as an alternative to pencil.

So yer, it was nice to have a sketch that wasn’t another spaceship though I might try and get back to them tomorrow, we’ll see.

Till then!

Day 430: Alphabet Spaceships project: Capital D

Day 430: Alphabet Spaceships project: Capital D


So here we have another one of spaceship designs for capital D. Wanted to do another Brotonyx ship and see if I could carry some features across as this would be the first time I’ve done another ship from a race I’ve done before.

This time though its a Destroyer but I wanted to try and maintain some of the design elements so it has the large solar cylinder and the black thingies that stick off of it (I have no idea what these are they just seemed like a good idea at the time.). Still not sure what I think of this project so I took a break from it for day 431 and decided on a simple sketch which I think we’ll move onto now!

Till then!