Day 407: Steam Clean

Day 407: Steam Clean


Source: Pinterest clicky!

Another steam train related sketch today, this time without the bridge that’s featured in the last couple. Instead, this one is a workman steam cleaning a steam train (or at least its something like that). Basically I just really liked the figure and the steam in the bottom right-hand corner so decided to sketch it.

Not sure if the style is all that similar to the previous two train drawings but the contrasts weren’t so great in this one. I’ve also tried to create certain presets in GIMP so I can change what the reference image looks like which changes it to black and white and also artificially increases the contrast to help with the black and white drawings.

As for this drawing, I quite like how it came out either if it wasn’t like the last couple of ones that I intended it to. Still, I really like how it came out which is the main thing.

As for tomorrow’s again I have no idea what it’ll be so, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Till then!


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