Day 406: Steaming over the bridge pt.2

Day 406: Steaming over the bridge pt.2


Source: Pinterest clicky!

So, as I said I would I decided today to try another high contrast image which also happens to be pretty similiar to the 504 sketch (ok pretty similair is putting it lightly, itrs really similair) but nevermind, they make for fun and intersting subjects.

Again I really like the outcome ofthe piece and the style of the really high contrast between the light and dark in most areas.The smoke came out nicely as well which is good, but now I think I need to concentrate on the water and making that look more realsitic so unfourtuantely or fourtunately you may be seeing more bridges in the future (or at least things with water in them).

Right so now I’ve actually managed to do a sketch and upload it on the same day which is a bit of a rarity at the moment lets hope that I can continue to keep it up, at least for a while. Agaian I’ve no real idea what I’ll be drawing tomorrow but as meantioned it might contain water.

Till then!


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