Day 405: Konyak Naga Elder

Day 405: Konyak Naga Elder


Source: Pinterest clicky!

So, another jump in reference material today but this just caught my eye for no real reason other than I liked the lines and tones on this guy and thought he had a really interesting face.

Really happy with this one and as far as my portraiture goes it’s probably my favourite so far and definitely one of the ones where I best captured the look of the subject. Amazingly it was a really quick sketch, probably because it’s just line work for the most part with some basic hatch work in there but it worked.

Right, so were now all caught up which is good and a bit of a relief as I was getting a bit behind with the blog posts. Think I’ll try another sketch like the one I did yesterday for tomorrow so we’ll have to see. Hopefully, I’ll also get it uploaded tomorrow though I’m not promising anything.

Till then!


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