Day 403: Thatched by night

Day 403: Thatched by night


Source: Personal Photo

So, last Saturday was Sidmouth Carnival night so my and my parents took the little one to see it. Naturally, these carnivals are done at night so photo ops are a bit limited but I did get this one of this lovely thatched old style Bed and breakfast that we passed on the way down into town. I thought it would make an interesting and challenging sketch as I;ve never tried to do a night time sketch before with spot lighting.

Not sure if it turned out as well as I wanted, though. The sketch itself I was really happy with as the building was pretty accurate to the source photo but I’m not sure I pushed the dark bits of the image far enough at all. I mean you can see where the spot lights are but I could probably have done with pushing the darkness a bit.

Still, I’ll have to try another of these night time sketches again and push the darkness a bit more. That’ll have to wait though as I’ve already done the next couple of sketches that I need to upload.

Till then!


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