Day 402: Outside cafe in Exeter

Day 402: Outside cafe in Exeter


Source: Personal photo

So, were back in Exeter for another sketch today this time of a cafe that’s located in the small square between Princesshay and the Cathedral (you can also see a small part of the wall of the chapel in the previous sketch in the bottom right-hand corner). I think the cafe here is Segafredo but I’m not entirely sure. The cafe itself is the box beneath the tree at the bottom of the sketch. This sketch was also unfinished as I wanted to go back in and define parts of it but I didn’t have time in the end.

As for the outcome, I’m still happy with it despite having not actually finished it and actually quite like the unfinished nature of it. It also showed me how useful a solid white gel pen can be with the chairs drawn out of a solid black shape with it (bottom left corner).

Right, I have 3 more entries to get done tonight before the wife and the little one gets home so let’s move swiftly on to day 403!

Till then!


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