Day 400: Old and New!

Day 400: Old and New!


Source: Personal photo

So we were in Exeter the other day and I was able to get some photos to try and get some sketches done from, including this one which I liked due to the view of the old Cathedral between the new developments in the Princesshay shopping precincts. I t also had the construction work being carried out to the left-hand side which I liked as well as it gave another interesting element to the photo.

The actual sketch was a bit of a weird one as it felt bad throughout the entire thing right up towards the end where I think it came out alright (or at least a damn site better than I thought it would come out). It’s definitely a bit messy but I don’t mind that too much. I’m also really happy that I’ve actually found a white gel pen that works (good old Mitsubishi pen company, I’m pretty sure they make all the pens that I currently use) rather than leaving a grey mess.

So, here we have the first in a couple of sketches from Exeter that I have to upload for you all. Should have time to get another one uploaded tonight at least so without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Till then!


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