Day 399: Tuscany Alley

Day 399: Tuscany Alley


Source: Pinterest clicky!

So here we have another one of my attempts at getting quicker with my sketches using scribbles rather than controlled lines, this time still in Italy but of a much quieter alleyway. I choose the picture just simply because I liked the framing that you got from the arch in the alleyway.

As for how it came out, I’m quite happy with it. I do definitely think that I could have got away with pushing the values a bit more than I did which would have helped the focus of the sketch stand out a bit more but I’m pretty happy with the angles and perspective in it and I like the various textures that are in the sketch (especially towards the top half of it).

So were still a couple of days behind but hopefully over the next couple of days we’ll be able to catch up fully again with the posting as my work schedule gets a bit less hectic.

Till then!


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