Day 398: Piazza Venizia

Day 398: Piazza Venezia


Source: Pinterest pin

So, in an effort to speed up the time I spend doing the daily sketches as I’m really struggling to keep up with the sketching and the posting at the moment I’m trying to develop a sketching style that s fast and loose rather than being as tight as usual. Experiment number 1 for this was done on the above pin that I found on Pinterest which caught my eye of a traffic director in Italy.

As you can see the lines are a lot more messy that they have been lately though I’m definitely happy with how it came out as the subject is still clearly seen and the tone is there. I am especially happy with how the car came out in the background as I usually struggle to draw vehicles in scenes  but this one came out well.

So, it was definitely a lot quicker than the usual sketch I do and actually felt sketchy which was good. I will try and post some other more controlled pieces from other projects in the future in case you liked the controlled stuff but I think I’ll try and work on this style of sketching for a bit.

Anyway, I have to head off for an early start so I’ll be back later with some more posts!

Till then!



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