Day 398: Seaton Row Houses

Day 398: Seaton Row Houses


Source: Personal photo

So, for day 398, I decided to sketch a photo of some row houses on a hill in Seaton (though I think with the amount of time I spent on it, a detailed drawing would be more appropriate). Nothing really special about the row houses I just liked how they look and saw an opportunity for a sketch.

Definitely gone with more of an illustrative style in this as well and I’ve managed to elongate them all vertically, though, as I’ve done this consistently across the drawing I don’t think it makes them look odd. As stated above as well I got a bit carried away and ended up spending a lot longer than I should have done on this but I really don’t mind as I really loved the drawing and had a lot of fun with it.

Anyway I have to head off to work (I love 6am starts) so will have to get yesterday’s sketch uploaded later on today (hopefully along with today’s). In the meantime I hope you all like the sketch as much as I do.

Till then!



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