Day 393: Forest Walk

Day 393: Forest Walk


Source: Personal photo

So, this is another sketch from a photo taken on the walk across Trinity Hill that I’ve done several others from recently, this time showing me walking along the trail with the little one on my back in a carrier (that was actually very useful if slightly hot and heavy, for the walk. At least much more practical than a pushchair and little one seemed to love it). I really liked the photo so got my wife to send me a copy so I could sketch it.

Tried to make sure that I did this one a little bit more sketchy than the ones I have been doing lately, partly because it’s a nature sketch and partly so that I can get faster with these sketches as sometimes they can get a bit laboured and time isn’t as easy to come by as it was when I started the blog.

The outcome of this one though I do really like. I think i managed to get it to look like a forest path and  the figure stands out as it was intended too with at least some definition to the trees on the side of the path. I also like the shadows and am really beginning to understand the importance of the shadows in art and helping ground and really shape the sketches.

So, that’s today’s done. No idea what I will do tomorrow as I need to get some more material to sketch from soon but I’m sure I’ll find something.

Till then!


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