Day 391: Another building from Sidmouth

Day 391: Another building from Sidmouth


Source: Personal photo

So yesterday I decided to attempt to sketch a building that I’d been putting off for a  while due to how intricate and detailed it looked (thinking about it, though, given that these are just sketches I should have just gone for it but nevermind, I’ve done that now). I’ve no idea what these buildings are actually used for (I think one may have been a cafe) but it’s located in Sidmouth next to the church and was definitely an interesting looking building with its many dormers and bay windows.

Anyway, the sketch came out a lot better than I thought it would and looks like the reference so I’m happy with it. I really can’t decide what I enjoy sketching most though as I think I’m more drawn to buildings than nature but I really like sketching trees and landscapes so I’m not sure.

I would like to choose a focus area, though, at least for a while to try nd push a subject but as I said I can’t really decide on which, not that this really has a bearing on the blog, I just apparently like going off on a  random tangent

And, on that note, we’ll move onto today’s sketch and actually finally catch up with the blog!

Till then!


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