Day 290: Old gnarled tree

Day 290: Old gnarled tree


Source: Personal photo

So, while going for the same walk that I got the photo of the bear shaped tree stump, we passed this gnarled old tree with a lot of interesting tones and shapes to it, making an interesting sketch opportunity (or at least I thought so).

Really happy with how it came out too. I tried the technique of following the contours of the tree while adding the tone rather than my usual straight line hatching which I think really helped make it look a lot more organic than my usual tree sketches and helped to give it volume. The sky turned out a little bit darker than the reference but at least it’s done with uniform lines that don’t look like I’ve tried to add another texture where there shouldn’t be texture.

All in all, I really enjoyed doing the sketch and the outcome of it. It was quite relaxing as well to be fairly loose with the shading rather than tight like I normally am as I wanted the lines to be irregular and random to a certain extent. It’s also made me want to try and sketch more trees in the future but for the next couple of posts at least, we have some more buildings to look at which hopefully I’ll have time to post tonight after I get back from work. Until then though I’ll leave you with this old tree.

Till then


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