Day 388: Huge Fossil at Charmouth!

Day 388: Huge Fossil at Charmouth!


Source: Personal photo

So, a few days ago I sketched the Charmouth Coast Heritage centre for you all. Well, this fossil was one of the ones that can be found inside the small centre/museum and it’s huge, easily 60cm+ in width and, given that I really enjoyed sketching the fossil that I drew a while back I had to take a photo of this one and sketch it as well.

So, ignoring the awkward cropping of the table that it stands on I really like the outcome of the actual fossil and I learnt a few things while sketching it to by actually trying to accurately copy the photo rather than assuming that I knew where light would fall (because in this case, I would have been a fair bit wrong half the time). Anyway, I was really happy with the final outcome of the sketch and the actual fossil didn’t really take that long to do either as it was quite scribbly.

Right one more down nd one more to go for tonight so again, I hope you enjoy looking at the fossil as much as I did sketching it and I see you all in a minute with the final upload for tonight!

Till then!


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