Day 387: Barbers in Sidmouth

Day 387: Barbers in Sidmouth


Source: Personal photo

So, the other day we went into Sidmouth for no real reason other than to attmept to find a birthday present. Unfourtunately we didn’t actually find anything there, though we did find a awesome coffee house (Coffee #1) and I managed to take some photos to sketch, one of which is the one above of a random small barbers on the highstreet. This building stood out to me quite a bit though there wasn’t anything all that remarkable about it other than maybe the thatched roof and just that it looked like a old building.

Quite like how the sketch came out too though I think the women out the front may be a bit out of scale but nevermind, it probably wasn’t all that noticable until I pointed it out anyway and I quite like how the inside of the barbers came out.

So thats another one out of the way in my quest to catch up. Got another two to uplaod tonight and then we’ll only be missing todays post which I’ll hopefully uploard with tomorrows.


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