Day 382: Dinotopia Strutter Fanart

Day 382: Dinotopia Strutter Fanart


Source: James Gurney here’s his site, the actual image is from one of his Dinotopia books.

Bit of a different sketch for day 382 where I went and took an image I liked from one of my favourite books in regards to artwork, Dinotopia in the form of the mechanical strutter that Arthur and his companions find in the cavern (minus its head piece as this was an image after it had been lost).The vehicle itself is meant to be a triceratops, though its a bit harder to tell without its signature head.

Really happy with this sketch as I managed to get most of the details down and the actual sketch looks like it would work rather than the perspective or scales being off. Pushing the values also helps define the look of the machine and its individual parts.

Anyway, that was day 382’s sketch. I’ve got 4 more to go until we’re all caught up so I should probably get on with it and get some more posts up.

Till then!


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