Day 380: High and Dry!

Day 380: High and Dry!


Source: Personnal Photo (apolgies for the colour I had to take this using artificial light)

So, for day 380 we have a sketch from a photo I took in Seaton of the harbour area and some boats lined up at the edge. Quite liked it because of the composition of the line of boats with the larger one forming a focal point.

I do think, looking at the image, that the first boat that you can see looks the best and I’m really happy with the fabric on it. As you can probably tell in places, I’ve been using pencil to do a quick undersketch for the last week or two of sketching. Weirdly enough though, I’ve not had a pencil sketch that has turned out to be the correct size as the finished drawing, they always seem to be too tall.

Not that this matters but oh well, random bits are fun. Anyway, I have one more to go up before I get some sleep so I’ll be back in a min again.

Till then!



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