Day 377: Young Pilot in training

Day 377: Young Pilot in training!


So were back with the planes for the last of the sketches that I have around the subject, this time showing my wife sat in the plane while my mother in law holds our little one who was probably confused as to why he wasn’t allowed to go with mummy.

Another sketch that I really like the outcome of and one that my wife really liked too saying that I’d got a really good likeness of the three of them especially her mother. I like the pushed values again in this one, in fact, weirdly enough the part that I like best in the image is the really dark bit of the inside of the plane and the rivets on the bottom half of the planes fuselage. Bother weird parts to favour but there you go.

Anyway, in my quest to catch back up with the backlog of uploading that I have to do, I have another post that I should be able to do before I have to turn in for the night so I’ll see you all in a few minutes.

till then!


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