Day 376: Safety Briefing

Day 376: Safety Briefing


Another plane sketch for day 376, this time, it’s my father in law giving us a safety brief just in case anything bad did happen (which thankfully it didn’t) in front of one of the two hangars there.

Another sketch that I really liked, and again with this one I tried to use white to emphasise the main subject of the sketch (which is the plane). Unfortunately, I’ve just realised that although the subject is well proportioned the hangar seems to have well, been blown a bit in the wind. Ignoring that though I really like this sketch again. I’m definitely glad that I’m getting a lot more confident with pushing values as originally the glider in the hangar was a bit obvious and clashed with the main focus of the plane too much, so I had to take it back.

Anyway, that’s another one caught up with and I have a further one more plane based sketch to go for tomorrow. Unfortunately though, I need to get some sleep so will have to try and catch up a bit more tomorrow so will see you then!

Till then!


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