Day 375: Refueling the Chipmunk!

Day 375: Refueling the Chipmunk!

So, in another attempt to catch up with the blog I have a couple more days to upload tonight (true this won’t actually get us all caught up but it will be a start). Again, although I haven’t had the time to upload any of the sketches in the last 5 days I have been keeping up with t e sketching in this time so let’s start catching back up with day 375!


Well, rather excitingly, my father in law is a former pilot and has decided to get a part share in a small Chipmunk and took us up in it at the weekend. Really nice plane the Chipmunk, thought of as the baby to the famous Spitfire with the seats behind each other and a rather bare cockpit. Still, this gave a really different experience (though true, I have only been on passenger jet planes) which was really fun. Anyway, I got quite a photos taken on the day so I have a couple of sketches revolved around this to upload, starting with this sketch of a photo of my father in law refuelling the plane after the flight.

Really like how this came out as well, in fact, I would go as far as to say its my favourite sketch so far, or at least really high on the list. I really like the perspective of it and the use of the white to create light areas (this might sound silly but you know what I mean). I also like that the actual subject stands out well against the background as I don’t usually get this clear a subject.

It also looks like a plane which helps. Anyway, I have another couple of plane themed sketches to try and get uploaded tonight so let’s get them flying out of the window!

Till then!



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