Day 407: Steam Clean

Day 407: Steam Clean


Source: Pinterest clicky!

Another steam train related sketch today, this time without the bridge that’s featured in the last couple. Instead, this one is a workman steam cleaning a steam train (or at least its something like that). Basically I just really liked the figure and the steam in the bottom right-hand corner so decided to sketch it.

Not sure if the style is all that similar to the previous two train drawings but the contrasts weren’t so great in this one. I’ve also tried to create certain presets in GIMP so I can change what the reference image looks like which changes it to black and white and also artificially increases the contrast to help with the black and white drawings.

As for this drawing, I quite like how it came out either if it wasn’t like the last couple of ones that I intended it to. Still, I really like how it came out which is the main thing.

As for tomorrow’s again I have no idea what it’ll be so, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Till then!


Day 406: Steaming over the bridge pt.2

Day 406: Steaming over the bridge pt.2


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So, as I said I would I decided today to try another high contrast image which also happens to be pretty similiar to the 504 sketch (ok pretty similair is putting it lightly, itrs really similair) but nevermind, they make for fun and intersting subjects.

Again I really like the outcome ofthe piece and the style of the really high contrast between the light and dark in most areas.The smoke came out nicely as well which is good, but now I think I need to concentrate on the water and making that look more realsitic so unfourtuantely or fourtunately you may be seeing more bridges in the future (or at least things with water in them).

Right so now I’ve actually managed to do a sketch and upload it on the same day which is a bit of a rarity at the moment lets hope that I can continue to keep it up, at least for a while. Agaian I’ve no real idea what I’ll be drawing tomorrow but as meantioned it might contain water.

Till then!

Day 405: Konyak Naga Elder

Day 405: Konyak Naga Elder


Source: Pinterest clicky!

So, another jump in reference material today but this just caught my eye for no real reason other than I liked the lines and tones on this guy and thought he had a really interesting face.

Really happy with this one and as far as my portraiture goes it’s probably my favourite so far and definitely one of the ones where I best captured the look of the subject. Amazingly it was a really quick sketch, probably because it’s just line work for the most part with some basic hatch work in there but it worked.

Right, so were now all caught up which is good and a bit of a relief as I was getting a bit behind with the blog posts. Think I’ll try another sketch like the one I did yesterday for tomorrow so we’ll have to see. Hopefully, I’ll also get it uploaded tomorrow though I’m not promising anything.

Till then!

Day 404: Steaming over the bridge!

Day 404: Steaming over the bridge!


Source: Pinterest linky!

So, a bit of a random change of pace here but I’d ran out of photos to draw from and my son had recently got a happy land train track and I was looking at trains when I came across this image of this steam train.

Really went for a illustrated look to this with several areas of pure black against white and me really really like the way it came out. Plus, surprisingly, it didn’t take all that long to actually do. I really like the look of the train and especially the smoke as stuff like that I do usually really struggle with.

Definitely looking forward to trying and  do more like this as I like the outcome but for now I have today’s to upload then we’ll be fully caught up so let’s get on with that!

Till then!

Day 403: Thatched by night

Day 403: Thatched by night


Source: Personal Photo

So, last Saturday was Sidmouth Carnival night so my and my parents took the little one to see it. Naturally, these carnivals are done at night so photo ops are a bit limited but I did get this one of this lovely thatched old style Bed and breakfast that we passed on the way down into town. I thought it would make an interesting and challenging sketch as I;ve never tried to do a night time sketch before with spot lighting.

Not sure if it turned out as well as I wanted, though. The sketch itself I was really happy with as the building was pretty accurate to the source photo but I’m not sure I pushed the dark bits of the image far enough at all. I mean you can see where the spot lights are but I could probably have done with pushing the darkness a bit.

Still, I’ll have to try another of these night time sketches again and push the darkness a bit more. That’ll have to wait though as I’ve already done the next couple of sketches that I need to upload.

Till then!

Day 402: Outside cafe in Exeter

Day 402: Outside cafe in Exeter


Source: Personal photo

So, were back in Exeter for another sketch today this time of a cafe that’s located in the small square between Princesshay and the Cathedral (you can also see a small part of the wall of the chapel in the previous sketch in the bottom right-hand corner). I think the cafe here is Segafredo but I’m not entirely sure. The cafe itself is the box beneath the tree at the bottom of the sketch. This sketch was also unfinished as I wanted to go back in and define parts of it but I didn’t have time in the end.

As for the outcome, I’m still happy with it despite having not actually finished it and actually quite like the unfinished nature of it. It also showed me how useful a solid white gel pen can be with the chairs drawn out of a solid black shape with it (bottom left corner).

Right, I have 3 more entries to get done tonight before the wife and the little one gets home so let’s move swiftly on to day 403!

Till then!

Day 401: St Catherines Chapel

Day 401: St Catherines Chapel


Source: Personal photo

So, another sketch from Exeter for this one and a pretty simple one at that. It’s of the old ruined chapel that sits pretty much smack bang the middle of the town (well ok slightly off the middle as it’s on one of the streets parallel to the high street but its close enough). Currently standing as a sort of mini museum with several plaques and informational signs around it I thought it would make a nice and simple sketch subject.

I do also quite like how this one came out and it was a lot quicker to do than they usually are which was a bonus. Not much else to say about this other than that though so I’ll leave you all here for the night as I have another early shift tomorrow morning and see you all tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 400: Old and New!

Day 400: Old and New!


Source: Personal photo

So we were in Exeter the other day and I was able to get some photos to try and get some sketches done from, including this one which I liked due to the view of the old Cathedral between the new developments in the Princesshay shopping precincts. I t also had the construction work being carried out to the left-hand side which I liked as well as it gave another interesting element to the photo.

The actual sketch was a bit of a weird one as it felt bad throughout the entire thing right up towards the end where I think it came out alright (or at least a damn site better than I thought it would come out). It’s definitely a bit messy but I don’t mind that too much. I’m also really happy that I’ve actually found a white gel pen that works (good old Mitsubishi pen company, I’m pretty sure they make all the pens that I currently use) rather than leaving a grey mess.

So, here we have the first in a couple of sketches from Exeter that I have to upload for you all. Should have time to get another one uploaded tonight at least so without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Till then!

Day 399: Tuscany Alley

Day 399: Tuscany Alley


Source: Pinterest clicky!

So here we have another one of my attempts at getting quicker with my sketches using scribbles rather than controlled lines, this time still in Italy but of a much quieter alleyway. I choose the picture just simply because I liked the framing that you got from the arch in the alleyway.

As for how it came out, I’m quite happy with it. I do definitely think that I could have got away with pushing the values a bit more than I did which would have helped the focus of the sketch stand out a bit more but I’m pretty happy with the angles and perspective in it and I like the various textures that are in the sketch (especially towards the top half of it).

So were still a couple of days behind but hopefully over the next couple of days we’ll be able to catch up fully again with the posting as my work schedule gets a bit less hectic.

Till then!