Day 371: Ponderosa Pine Landscape, America

Day 371: Ponderosa Pine Landscape, America


Reference: Reference Image

So, i know I said that I would have sketch of the local church for today but I didn’t get up with enough time to actually go and get the photo’s done. Instead, I choose this tiered landscape of some pine tree forest in America to sketch. Choosing it because I wanted to improve on trying to depict distance with fading out gradients.

I think I managed to achieve this though I do think I might need to try and get the cross hatching a bit closer together next time to give it a more cohesive look. Of course, though that would create the problem of darkening the whole sketch so I might have to have a look at the best way to overcome these two issues (Biro lol).

Still, I like the outcome and really enjoyed sketching the trees in the foreground. Scribbling them in was quite relaxing and didn’t really require that much thought. I’m also going to start adding links to any images used for reference that I didn’t take just so you can see what it’s meant to look like and to link you all to some lovely reference images .

So, tomorrow will hopefully be a church provided my son doesn’t keep me up all night again tonight again so I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Till then!


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