Day 369: Stourhead, Lake

Day 369: Stourhead, Lake


So for today we return to Stourhead just because I wanted to try a landscape scene and the closest one to hand was this one that I took of the lake at Stourhead (interestingly enough, stood in front of the afore sketched Temple of Apollo, proving that it was indeed at the top of a really steep path totally not suited to a pushchair)..

Really liked the view from the top, with the peaceful lake surrounded by the heavily treed estate grounds. The sketch is also my best landscape one to date, with the tree lines actually looking like treelines. I think I could probably have afforded to have gone a bit darker with some of the extreme highlights on the left-hand side but other than that I really liked the outcome of the sketch.

It’s also made me really want to try some more landscape sketches so I’ll probably have a look around if see if I can find any for tomorrows sketch so if you have ideas let me know and feel free to post suggestions.

Till then!


2 thoughts on “Day 369: Stourhead, Lake

  1. I am continuosly following your progress and i would love to congratulate you because with such dedication you will grow into a great artist…. i have witnessed a lot of progress in your work….Best of luck….


    1. Thanks, I’m really glad your following my progress and enjoying it. Also really glad that I’m improving . I’m quite lucky or unlucky, depending on how you look at it that I have a fairly addictive personality so that helps with the drive to carry on doing the sketch a day, and now I’ve reached my goal of a year I’m just intrigued to see how long I can keep it up.!


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