Day 367: Jacobs Ladder, Sidmouth

Day 367: Jacobs Ladder, Sidmouth


So, this was yesterday’s sketch and the last of the couple that I’ve done from Sidmouth over the last two days. This time in the form of the landmark, Jacobs Ladder. Built to replace a much steeper set of steps (which I think were replaced int he Victorian times), this staircase is still pretty sketchy and very steep, and a nightmare for my wife who hates slatted stairs but it’s definitely a quicker way to get down to the beach than the winding path just around the corner.

This was quite an interesting a challenging sketch as it was the first time I can remember really having to look at what I was doing as the drawing was done backwards with me leaving white space for the main subject rather than just outlining.

I think it came out really nicely though, I may have pushed the values around the ladder a bit too much but I don’t think it really matters all that much and may even add to the stairway popping out and I think I’ll try and find a few more inside out subjects to draw as it was a different way fo doing so. Anyway, I have today’s sketch to upload now as well so I’ll see you all in a few minutes.

Till then!


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