Day 365: A year’s worth of Sketchbooks!

Day 365: A year’s worth of Sketchbooks!


So we’ve finally made it to a year’s worth of sketching every day! It’s been a really good year as well, both for my attempts at art and for other obvious stuff in regards to my family life. This isn’t to say though that it hasn’t been challenging and difficult to balance the sketch a day and my family life but it’s all been challenges I’ve enjoyed thoroughly.

As far as progress made I feel I’ve come quite a long way from where I was a year ago both in technique and competence and in experimenting with different mediums in which to do the sketches. I would also like to thanks everyone for all their support and for just generally popping in and seeing what I’m doing both the frequent visitors and those that have visited less often are really appreciated and I hope you all stick around as I continue to journey past the year mark (feels weird being at a year since I didn’t think we’d make it past a month).

As for the day’s sketch, I didn’t really have all that much time free so had to choose something that wasn’t too difficult but was relevant to the year mark. As such i decided to take a photo of my sketchbooks that I’ve filled so far (I’m currently on the 7th one) and the various mediums and tools I’ve used throughout the year and arrange them in a somewhat pleasing manner to make up today’s sketch.

Luckily, it came out much better than I thought it would, both the idea and the actual sketch (I think it’s helped by finally learning that hatching works better when you follow the contours of the object, in this case the blanket everythings sat on). I have accidently forgotten to rub out the under sketch though as I did this one in pencil but nevermind, just ignore that.

So, given that I really want to get this up before midnight I just wnat to say again how brilliant you lot are for providing motivation and comments on my blog, it really does help keep me going and here’s to another year!

Till then!



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