Day 362: Water God at Stourhead

Day 362: Water God at Stourhead


So today I did a sketch of the other statue that’s in the Grotto at Stourhead. This time one of the Water God (I actually learnt what they are from google, the other one is a Nymph, there also not made of Marble but painted lead though the base is marble). I much prefer this sketch as well as it has a lot more definition than the other one that I did of the two statues in the Grotto.

I also like how the pen and ink take on it has given it a much more impactful look than the biro did (despite what I said about the biro yesterday I do really like this medium. The biro has much more control though).

Anyway again this has taken me a few days to get uploaded so I have a couple more to go to catch us back up so lets leave the Water God here and move onto the next one, which is from Stourhead again.

Till then!


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