Day 361: Cocktail Campervan

Day 361: Cocktail Campervan.


So, yesterday while we were at Stourhead it seemed that someone was enjoying their wedding day in the courtyard bit where the Spread Eagle Inn was located. However, thanks to this being a national trust place are therefore open to the public we were able to use the courtyard as well for a quick break at the pub.

This is where I noticed that they had a cool little cocktail campervan for wedding guests. Now this was such an awesome idea and looked really cool so I had to take a photo and then sketch it today.

Decided to chuck in the red spot colour with this one as well as the sketch definitely needed it. Was going to do wit with my PITT artist pen but thought that it may have overpowered the biro so went for a red biro instead. Really glad I did choose to add colour as well as I think that it really made the sketch stand out and I like the use of a single spot colour so you may see more of it in the future.

As for the actual sketch, I really like how it came out and how the campervan looks. Sure some bits might be a bit small but I’m not at all bothered as I really like how it came out.

Anyway, that’s us caught up once again. Got a load more Stourhead photos so will probably be something from there again for tomorrow but honestly, I’m not too sure,

Till then!


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