Day 360: Statue in the Grotto at Stourhead

Day 360: Statue in the Grotto at Stourhead


So yesterday we took my parents out to Stourhead, a National trust property just our side of Wiltshire. A massive garden centred around a huge lake (well huge for a garden at least). In this place, there were a number of different classical buildings and random places including this grotto which had several marble statues in them including this one above of a lounging woman. I really liked the stark contrast of the marble again the dark stone around it so decided it would make a good sketching subject.

Really happy with how this one came out tone wise as well as I think I got the stand out white against the dark background. The figure itself isn’t all that clear but I’m not too worried about that as it was many an attempt to get good tones down. Again I went a bit mad with drawing out every stone but I think in this case it works,being able to see all the detail.

So that was yesterday’s sketch. I’ve got another one to upload from Stourhead from today so let’s just get caught up today and get that one uploaded now too.

Till then!



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