Day 356: Axminster Church

Day 356: Axminster Church


Firstly apologies for the weird yellow hue on in the photo, unfortunately, I finished the sketch to late to take the photo with natural light so this was the best option. As for the sketch, it’s of the church in Axminster which I mentioned that I’d taken a couple of photos of yesterday to sketch from due to my whole liking of churches. I also found my stash of fineliners today so have fallen back into using them again (I get the feeling I’m destined to use fineliners and only dabble in other stuff as I keep falling back on them).

Luckily however, it would seem that I’ve improved a bit more since the last time I used them as I think this is definitely one of my better sketches. Sure, perspective is off a bit but the tones and values are an improvement over my usual fineliner sketches, plus I just really like the framing with the trees and the fact that I got the road name (Church Street) in there as well which is a nice touch.

As for tomorrow, I have another couple of pictures from Axminster so will probably be one of them. Hope you like this familiar subject and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Till then!


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