Day 354: Chrysanthemum’s

Day 354: Chrysanthemum’s


So, today I had a recovering wife and a baby to look after (thank god for having to drive yesterday) so what better way to cope than to end up at your parents for free food and babysitting . Anyway, my father is a bit of a gardening nut and as such there flowers all over the house and these ones caught my eye and were simple enough for my tired brain to cope with.

I do really like how the actual flowers came out as well, they’re definitely a very interesting and fun subject to draw even if the background does look a bit odd (not really sure what sort of look I was going for with it to be honest as I seem to have blocked in half of it and drawn the other half but nevermind, it works).

Anyway that all for the last two days. Hopefully, I might have a bit more time tomorrow so I might get a wedding sketch done but we’ll have to see. Knowing my luck my week off will be busier than a week of working.

Till then!


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