Day 353:Quick Moth Sketch

Day 353:Quick Moth Sketch


So yesterday I didn’t have very much time to sketch anything, what with the wedding and the little one so I had to choose something simple and quick to sketch. Luckily several days ago I had taken a photo of an interesting looking moth on the wall in our house and decided to sketch that instead.

Quite like how it came out in the end despite how quick a sketch it was.I didn’t think it was going to turn out well at all while sketching it so am pretty happy with how it came out int he end.I do like that there is parts of the pattern that you find on the back of moths and butterflies visible as I was finding it hard to mirror it while sketching it (to be honest I was half asleep at the time).

Got another sketch to upload in a minute for you all as well so I’ll finish up this one here and be back in a bit with the next one

Till then!


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