Day 349: Father and Son, 6 months on

Day 349: Father and Son, 6 months on


So, yesterday’s sketch was the start of another sketchbook again so, as usual we have a self-portrait this time with my little man who’s just turned 6 months old . Done again with my new approach to sketching with the pen and washes  this was quite a quick sketch that turned out really nicely in the end.

Some parts are a bit blotchy but I think that’ll come with experience with the medium that I will hopefully gain over time. Likeness wise, this is definitely the closest sketch to myself that I’ve done before (or at least my wife seems to think so)  and the little man looks like himself (with exception to the right eye which is a bit of a splodge). I also like how my top came out with the shade of grey that it is

Anyway ,so there we have it, another sketchbook and another self-portrait and this will be the one in which we hit the year mark as well which will be awesome.  Anyway we’ve got one more till were all up to date but I might have to leave that till tomorrow to upload so I’ll see you all again then.

Till then!


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