Day 348: Church in Exeter next to House of Fraser

Day 348: Church in Exeter next to House of Fraser


So, I’m behind again with uploading but were going to get caught up today so it’s all good. Anyway, apologies aside for that the other day we had a hospital appointment for our son so we popped into the city before the hospital to get a few things, which included another tool for me to try out in the field of pen and ink in the form of a fountain pen and another waterbrush (because somehow I managed to lose my last one ages ago).

I picked up a Lamy Safari on the basis that it has some pretty good reviews as an art pen and the ink cartridges are sold in the WHSmith franchise in my local town.I know it’s not fade resistant that I keep on banging on about but I’ve decided to not get hung up on that quality anymore and just use whatever tool I feel is fun using. It’s also not waterproof which, in this case, is a big bonus as it allows me to use the waterbrush to actually create some pen and ink sketches but using small washes (though I may need to get a better gsm sketchbook for this medium).

Anyway, as you can see above I tried out the first of this new take of the medium with this photo I took of what I think is a small church in the centre of Exeter (though it could just be a hall type building, I couldn’t find anything on the internet and we were in a hurry at the time so I couldn’t take any information from the building itself). I really like the washes that I can produce with this ink and the thin  and bold lines I can get with the pen and liked how this sketch came out and it didn;t take that long as I didn’t bother with the whole undersketch.

Having done just this one sketch I’m really looking forward to doing a load more with the medium as I like the tones it creates without the need for hatching, but having the choice to add it into the sketch as well. Right so with that wall of text out of the way I’ll finish this post and get on with the next two (which definetly won’t have as much text in them, don’t worry).

Till then!


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