Day 374: Dragonfly

Day 374: Dragonfly

So, apologies for the delay in getting all of the last few days uploaded. It’s been rather hectic and I only just had time to get all the sketches done let along upload them but I thought I’d get this one uploaded and let you know that I haven’t suddenly stopped doing them and I am up to date with the sketches (just finished day 377) just not with the uploading.

Right, so I have time to get one uploaded tonight so here’s a sketch of a Dragonfly.


Source: Personal picture at Stourhead

So, another Stourhead photo but this time it’s of a Dragonfly on one of the bodies of water there. This little thing flew really close to us and didn’t really seemed phased at all that we were close to it which was good as it allowed me to get some clear photo’s and I thought it would make a good sketch.

Now although I still like the idea of sketching it I think I need to find out a way to effectively cross hatch a large area so it doesn’t look as messy as it does in the above sketch although, you can still kind of make it out as water.

Other than that there’s not really a lot to say. I like the actual dragonfly itself as well as its shadow (it’s the simple things sometimes).

Anyway, as I said I’ve got several more to upload just no time at the moment so I’ll leave you with this one and hopefully be back tomorrow to upload some more (though I do have a really full day so I’m not crossing my fingers).

Till then (hopefully)



Day 373: Creepy Abandoned House

Day 373: Creepy Abandoned House


Source link: linkie!

So yesterday’s sketch was this creepy looking house that I found and thought would make an interesting and difficult sketch to do. No idea where it is other than it being in the US but still, it looked cool so I thought I’d sketch it.

Really liked the outcome of it too, definitely one of my better architectural sketches as the perspective seems pretty good compared to some of my other ones. I like that I managed to get most of the details down as well and how the pure black helps to make areas pop (I’ve really got to get better at using pure black and not being afraid of it).

Anyway, that was yesterday’s sketch. Again I’m waiting for good light to photograph today’s but hopefully, I’ll be able to get both uploaded tomorrow and then start keeping up again. Plus I’m going flying tomorrow so should have loads of opportunities to get some photos to sketch from.

Till then!

Day 372: Slovenian​ Church

Day 372: Slovenian Church


Firstly sorry I didn’t get this uploaded yesterday, I wanted to take the picture in daylight rather than using artificial light as they come out a lot better. I also didn’t get a picture of the local church again as I said I would so instead did a drawing of this church from Slovenia. Picked at Random I just liked the simplicity of the church and the wall in the foreground.

I like how it came out too with the perspective being quite nice in this one. I also seems to be going through a phase of adding a border around my sketches. Not really that sure why I’ve chosen to do this but I saw this guy do it in one of my favourite sketchbook videos on youtube and I think it got a bit lodged in my brain  (video was a moleskin one by Nicholas Wiesse).

Anyway, I’m stilla  day behind with uploading as I want to get a good photo tomorrow with today’s sketch as well so will upload it when its light. I’ve also no idea what I’ll draw tomorrow so we’ll have to wait and see.

Till then!

Day 371: Ponderosa Pine Landscape, America

Day 371: Ponderosa Pine Landscape, America


Reference: Reference Image

So, i know I said that I would have sketch of the local church for today but I didn’t get up with enough time to actually go and get the photo’s done. Instead, I choose this tiered landscape of some pine tree forest in America to sketch. Choosing it because I wanted to improve on trying to depict distance with fading out gradients.

I think I managed to achieve this though I do think I might need to try and get the cross hatching a bit closer together next time to give it a more cohesive look. Of course, though that would create the problem of darkening the whole sketch so I might have to have a look at the best way to overcome these two issues (Biro lol).

Still, I like the outcome and really enjoyed sketching the trees in the foreground. Scribbling them in was quite relaxing and didn’t really require that much thought. I’m also going to start adding links to any images used for reference that I didn’t take just so you can see what it’s meant to look like and to link you all to some lovely reference images .

So, tomorrow will hopefully be a church provided my son doesn’t keep me up all night again tonight again so I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 370: Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Day 370: Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada


Firstly I apologise for the weird hue on the photo, unfortunately I had to take the photo using artificial light as its nearly 11pm here, but I thought it would be better to get it uploaded on the day rather than wait for tomorrow.

So, yesterday I said that I wanted to do some more landscape sketching so headed to pintrest to find a nice landscape to draw, ending up with this view of a lake island in Alberta, Canada as I wanted to try and practise drawing a long distance shot with trying to push the background back as you would do when painting. As I found out though its a bit different when your using just black ink.

Still I think I managed to achieve a look that gives the impression of depth and I’m really happy with how the water looks though I still think i can improve on it by not just assuming that it looks a certain way and actually looking at it (as an example I assumed the light lines were the same throughout the water whereas they actually get a bit thicker as you get closer).

Anyway, this is all part of the learning process and I’m sure I just need to keep practising to get there (plus I took the plunge and tried the sky again, which didn’t turn out all that bad). I’m not sure what tomorrows sketch is going to be thought I need to take some photos of the local church for a project for my mum so it might be one of them, we’ll have to see.

Till then!

Day 369: Stourhead, Lake

Day 369: Stourhead, Lake


So for today we return to Stourhead just because I wanted to try a landscape scene and the closest one to hand was this one that I took of the lake at Stourhead (interestingly enough, stood in front of the afore sketched Temple of Apollo, proving that it was indeed at the top of a really steep path totally not suited to a pushchair)..

Really liked the view from the top, with the peaceful lake surrounded by the heavily treed estate grounds. The sketch is also my best landscape one to date, with the tree lines actually looking like treelines. I think I could probably have afforded to have gone a bit darker with some of the extreme highlights on the left-hand side but other than that I really liked the outcome of the sketch.

It’s also made me really want to try some more landscape sketches so I’ll probably have a look around if see if I can find any for tomorrows sketch so if you have ideas let me know and feel free to post suggestions.

Till then!

Day 368: Ernie!

Day 368: Ernie!


So, some of you may recognised this as Ernie from Sesame Street. This was a puppet that I used to have when i was a lot younger than I am now. Anyway we found it the other day while moving the last of our stuff from my Parent’s in Law’s house to ours and my little one loves it as much as I used to.

Thought he’d make a fun subject for a sketch so did it this afternoon while spending some time with the family (may have used a bottle to prop him up hence his slightly off expression but I choose to omit it from the sketch).

I do really like how this came out as well as I think it has the happy grin that Ernie has and looks like the character. Anyway , I’ve no idea what I’m going to sketch tomorrow but I’ve got a day off work so something relaxing would be ideal. Right, see you then.

Till then!

Day 367: Jacobs Ladder, Sidmouth

Day 367: Jacobs Ladder, Sidmouth


So, this was yesterday’s sketch and the last of the couple that I’ve done from Sidmouth over the last two days. This time in the form of the landmark, Jacobs Ladder. Built to replace a much steeper set of steps (which I think were replaced int he Victorian times), this staircase is still pretty sketchy and very steep, and a nightmare for my wife who hates slatted stairs but it’s definitely a quicker way to get down to the beach than the winding path just around the corner.

This was quite an interesting a challenging sketch as it was the first time I can remember really having to look at what I was doing as the drawing was done backwards with me leaving white space for the main subject rather than just outlining.

I think it came out really nicely though, I may have pushed the values around the ladder a bit too much but I don’t think it really matters all that much and may even add to the stairway popping out and I think I’ll try and find a few more inside out subjects to draw as it was a different way fo doing so. Anyway, I have today’s sketch to upload now as well so I’ll see you all in a few minutes.

Till then!

Day 366: The Fidler, Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth

Day 366: The Fidler, Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth


Just a quick sketch to start year two off today of a statue of a fiddler in Connaught Gardens in Sidmouth. I took the photo a couple of days ago when we popped out to see our sister in law and family for afternoon tea. Quite a funky little statue which has a weird pose that I didn’t quite capture but I still like the outcome of the sketch.

I especially like how I managed to actually make the focus of the sketch pop in this one which I find hard at times though the pedestal at the back is slightly off but still I like the figure.

No idea what I’ll do for tomorrows sketch though I might try and do Jacob’s Ladder from Sidmouth.

Till then!