Day 346: Village Show Dressage

Day 346: Village Show Dressage

So yesterday was the annual Axmouth Village show where quite a large part of the village turn up for a day of the normal village show stuff of displays by local groups as well as the competition tent with entries from around the village and area. Anyway one of the displays that happen in the centre of the field this year was this guy and his animals.


Now this guy did some fancy kind of Dressage (at least I think it’s that, I don’t really have much of an idea when it comes to horses) but he also had some falcons with him that did some displays while he was on horseback, pretty funky stuff.

So I thought this photo of him that I captured would make a nice daily sketch so went with this. Now, being completely honest with you this is the second sketch that I did of the subject as the first time that I did it the scales of the riders and the horse were awful and completely off and created a horrible sketch.

Luckily the second one turned out by far, a hell of a lot better than the first attempt and is actually a piece I’m pretty happy with, especially given my lack of animal drawings in the past.

Anyway, that was yesterday’s sketch and I have today’s to hopefully show you in a few minutes.

Till then!


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